A sampling: Maria, Silver Bay, Siam Red, Emerald Beauty, Golden Bay, Romeo, & First Diamond to name a few. Ideal for areas with high pollution or low air-circulation. Aglaonema Red Lipstick is a species of genus aglaonema categorized under Araceae plant’s family. Chinese evergreen is an easy-to-grow plant that survives well in every indoor condition, and purifies the air as well! While it's one of the toughest plants, it's also beautiful. 12cm. If you too, want to grow it, pick one of the Best Aglaonema Varieties listed from this list! Hermawan Andrianto, Pamulang, Tangerang Asal Nama : Berasal dari bahasa Latin “petita” yang berarti langsing. Growth Rate Chinese Evergreen Red Siam, aka Aglaonema Red Siam, also called Creta, is known for its distinctive green leaves with pink and red edging and delightful pink stems. It eliminates mainly Benzene, Formaldehyde & gives fresh Oxygen. Red Valentine Chinese Evergreen Plant - Aglaonema - Grows in Dim Light - 6" Pot. ‘CHINESE EVERGREEN PLANT’ Removes 14,300 Micrograms VOC per Plant Per day as per NASA study in 1989. Plant height. I am more commonly known as the Chinese Evergreen plant and according to Feng Shui (ancient Chinese geomancy) I am considered a lucky plant. Check out our easy-care, pet-friendly, low-light and unusual houseplants. Large, lush leaves with different color variations help these plants stand out. All of the many Chinese Evergreen plant varieties have long, shiny, leathery leaves with unique patterns of green, gray, pink, red, and cream. Kew Gardens in the United Kingdom was the first place they were introduced to in the west in 1885. The Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema) is known for being easy to grow and also its beautifully patterned leaves.This truly is the perfect beginners plant or for those with a black thumb! Many years ago when I worked in the trade the Silver Queen, Chinese Evergreen (A. commutatum) & the Roebellini were the 3 Ags to buy. They are native to the humid, shady forests of Asia and New Guinea. Chinese evergreen plants can be used as upright table plants or, as they get larger, bushy floor plants. Buy It Now +$10.60 shipping. See more ideas about chinese evergreen plant, chinese evergreen… So this is a plant that doesn’t complain about dim light, can tolerate drought and stays lush and bright even in a dark room. About the Chinese Evergreen. It is a natural humidifier. They are perfect plants for beginners but are also loved by houseplant enthusiasts due to … We said this was a plant that could survive dry soil if you forget to water it. This sturdy plant is wonderfully easy to grow; it tolerates just about every indoor condition. Tough-as-nails Chinese evergreen, also known as Philippine evergreen, is an easy-to-grow houseplant that tolerates virtually all indoor growing conditions. Routinely checking the leaves for signs of pests will help limit problems later. 23 Beautiful Aglaonema Varieties (Chinese Evergreen) Chinese Evergreens ( Aglaonema ) are hugely popular houseplants due to their fantastic looks and easy care requirements. Chinese Evergreen Red is an excellent air purifying plant. The Chinese Evergreen plant will not thrive if left in a little-used area of the home that doesn't benefit from constant heat, such as a rarely used guest room or a cold conservatory or porch. Pet/Baby friendly. Stems that grow along the ground may root at the nodes. Chinese evergreen houseplants can be affected by spider mites, scale, mealybugs, and aphids. I bring financial success for my lucky owners with my striking beauty, longevity, and ease of growth. The common name Chinese evergreen refers to several plants within the genus Aglaonema, which occurs naturally across parts of Asia. Chinese evergreens are the ideal, low maintenance decorative houseplants with colourful variegated leaves that thrive in low light and can be easily propagated by stem cuttings and dividing the roots. Wolverton’s list of houseplants that purify the air. But we know our visitors love looking at the different varieties available, so if you'd like to share a photo of yours please do post it in the comments below or on our Facebook page. Save up to 6% when you buy more. This can cause discoloration of the foliage and holes in the leaves. Some of the common varieties include Silver Queen, Sparkling Sara, Cutlass, Harlequin, Emerald Bay, Nitidum, Stripes, Red Peacock, and Silver King. \You can't help but stare at the red/pink outlines of the chartreuse green leavesThe Aglaonema (also called Chinese Evergreen) is a highly decorative plant with several interesting varieties. The Chinese evergreen plant family is among the top 50 in B.C. It must be easy to grow the Chinese evergreen then. A Chinese evergreen plant is one of the easiest & best-looking houseplants to have in your home or office. About Chinese evergreens. Prized for their array of air cleaning, lush, deep green and variegated tropical foliage. A full guide, full of tips on how to care for and successfully propagate all varieties of Chinese Evergreens. Now there are so many varieties, leaf sizes and shapes, and patterns of Aglaonemas on the market. Toxic if ingested. Watering. Chinese Evergreen Soil Requirements. Get rid of them manually or by using insecticidal soap. Benefits of Aglaonema Red or Chinese Evergreen Plant: It Purifies Air. Watch; 5 N 6 3 S p R o I 8 n s o B r e d 9 0 N. Aglaonema 'Wishes' Chinese Evergreen / 3 inch Pot / 1 plant. 18 watchers. While it may seem overwhelming at first, especially if you are new at growing Chinese evergreens indoors, it’s actually easier than you may think. The Aglaonema; Chinese Evergreen helps to improve the air quality of your indoor spaces with the ability to filter indoor air pollutants and toxins.Furthermore, this gorgeous leafy indoor plant emits Oxygen, which assists in increasing productivity and enriching health and well-being both in living and working spaces. Amazon's Choice for chinese evergreen Costa Farms Aglaonema Red Chinese Evergreen Live Indoor Plant, 14-Inches Tall, Ships in White-Natural Décor Planter 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,003 Chinese Evergreen Care: LIGHT: Chinese Evergreen plants are one of the few houseplants with light green and gray in the leaves that can grow in low light. The Red Chinese Evergreen plant is hearty, full, and adds a vibrant pop of color in virtually any space. They originate from the tropical and sub-tropical areas of Asia and New Guinea. It rarely flowers when grown inside, though. There is generally a crown of wide leaf blades which in wild species are often variegated with silver and green coloration. Aglaonemas will produce flowers (these are not very showy), but they're grown primarily for the attractive leathery leaves. Aglaonema is also known as Chinese evergreen. Nursery pot size. It’s also a showstopper, with verdant green leaves splashed with white, silver, pink, or red—depending on the variety. Description. Find the perfect potted plant! It is one of the most popular houseplants and the color variations from dark green to silver, and some with hints of red. Aglaonema or Chinese Evergreens are on NASA’s list of air-purifying plants removing Benzene and Formaldehyde toxins. The newer varieties of Chinese Evergreen houseplants that have bright red, pink, yellow, and orange in the leaves require medium to bright light. Red aglaonema; Red Chinese evergreen. The Chinese evergreen is most commonly found in South East Asia, where you’ll find it basking in the dappled light under large tropical trees. Chinese Evergreen or aglaonema, is a genus of flowering plants from the Araceae family with 22 known species.. Best top indoor air purifying plant recommended by NASA. Nov 15, 2020 - Chinese Evergreen Plants (Aglaonema) are easy care, low light plants that also clean the air of harmful chemicals. These houseplants require very little care and continue to look amazing. Aglaonema plants are attractive, varied, tough, drought-tolerant, low maintenance, and hard to kill houseplants with colorful foliage. (Beginners: This one’s for you!) For centuries, they've been given as good luck gifts to new homeowners. $18.00. It … Chinese evergreen care is not too demanding making the plant a good choice for those new to indoor gardening. Lush, red accented leaves give a dramatic feel to your favorite tablescape without requiring much in the way of day-to-day maintenance. Never place a Chinese Evergreen in the direct sun Shop Aglaonema 'Lucky Red' and find out what makes the Chinese Evergreen such a low maintenance and easy-care plant. There are over 20 known species, which vary in their leaf patterns and colors. Buy It Now +$9.60 shipping. Treat the Chinese Evergreen almost like a member of your family; keep it in a nice, warm space where it will be comfortable and reward you with lots of beautiful lush foliage. All orders ship FREE to the lower 48 United States. Chinese Evergreen plants can be used as upright table plants or, as they get larger, bushy floor plants. When it comes to the soil mix, Chinese Evergreen plants love a well-draining soil. Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema), is one of the best plants for beginners (or folks too busy to keep most houseplants alive). These are evergreen perennial herbs with stems growing erect or decumbent and creeping. $13.95. Create your urban jungle. Aglaonema Chinese Evergreen Red Ruby As pointed out earlier there are so many different Chinese Evergreen plants that we can't cover them all. Aglaonema Petita Image Source : Bpk. Chinese evergreen is susceptible to aphids, mealy bugs, red spider mites, and scale insects. In diseases, Aglaonema is susceptible to myrothecium and anthracnose leaf spots. Aglaonema Modestum was the first aglaonema specie grown in China, by the time there are about 80 popular aglaonema varieties, most of these species require easy and similar care except few. Red Chinese Evergreen Plant. Chinese Evergreen Varieties. Chinese evergreen plants, also known by their genus, Aglaonema, hail from the shaded floors of Southeast Asian tropical forests. Aglaonema Valentine Chinese Evergreen Pink/green/red Splash Live Houseplant. NASA lists the Chinese Evergreen as one of its top ten plants to clean the air of harmful toxins. Aglaonemas, the scientific name for Chinese evergreen plants, are a hardy Hybrid from the aroid family & originally came from the subtropics of Southeast Asia. How to Grow Chinese Evergreens. History and introduction of Red Siam Chinese Evergreen: Chinese Evergreens originated in southeast Asia, and have been widely cultivated and hybridized. Several species within the genus Aglaonema are widely cultivated as indoor foliage plants for their glossy-green, ovate leaves and resistance to poor growing conditions. Chinese Evergreen Plant The Chinese evergreen is the common name used for a collection of plants from the Aglaonema genus - which tend to tolerate low light conditions very well. Watch for new arrivals! With so many benefits to offer, it makes for a great houseplant to grow! Amazon.com : Red Valentine Chinese Evergreen Plant - Aglaonema - Grows in Dim Light - 6" Pot : Garden & Outdoor. 20-30cm. Aglaonema, also known as Chinese Evergreen are some of the best indoor plants for beginners. Chinese evergreen is extremely easy to care, plant can survive in poorly lighted and ventilated areas and does not need feeding frequently. Which is true, as long as you start it right. Cultivars are available with streaks and speckles of white, yellow, or even pink and red. Although typically ranging from light green to dark green with tones of silver, there are now some uniquely variegated forms that have pink, red and yellow.

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