Weapons Gallery

Ground floor of Government Palace

This section of the Government Palace, is exhibited a wide collection of weapons that were used during the time of the independence of Mexico, this heroic gesta played a decisive role in the life of our country. With an excellent distribution and script museográfico.

The Gallery is divided into three sections:

In the first, the following objects stand out:

A beautiful bronze sculpture of the national shield with the penciled eagle, which was first seen in the coins in the year 1823;

A Lithograph of the Battle of Monte de las Cruces, scene where the royalist troops were defeated by the insurgents.

For a better understanding of events during the war, plasma screens were installed; Likewise, a map showing how the territory of New Spain was constituted and the replicas of military uniforms of the time.

The second room belongs to the collection of objects related to the Royalist Army.

A rare piece, called the Swordsman, of which in the world there are only five copies, and which was used by the royalist army as a shield against the insurgents, made of red leather with oversized ornaments that show the coat of arms of the King surrounded by floral designs.

In a showcase, white weapons are shown: bayonets, which were used as short picks; Hand-forged steel lance tips; A sword made of steel, two Mexican swords, one with toothed blade and floral engraving, one with tricalada straight blade, both swords with virile bull’s grip.

José Mariano de Michilena, Agustín de Iturbide, Vicente Guerrero, Mariano de Matamoros, Corregidor Miguel Domínguez, Niscolás Bravo and finally Ignacio López Rayón.

Likewise, it shows of the military shields of honor embroidered a hand on silk and an extraordinary rifle of Avancarga that measures 3.4 M. of length, several white arms like spears, wooden antlers, forged iron and steel swords and A hand ax

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