The Metropolitan Park Rejon

The El Rejón dam was built only 50 years ago, in 1965, because during the rainy seasons, it generated quite important increases, and the city always needed water reserves. Its curtain is 33 meters high, 320 meters long and has a capacity of 6.6 million cubic liters. It provided, since then, opportunities of recreation to the fishermen of Chihuahua, that some writer named “proud lady of the desert”.

Less than 6 years ago, it became a family recreation and training space for those who lead an active lifestyle. To keep fit the resort offers a 6-and-a-half-kilometer trail of clay for walkers and runners; Parallel to the dirt track for bicycles, exercise equipment and for the smallest, several playgrounds for children.

There is a section for the most extreme visitors: there is a zip line of 240 meters long with 24 meters of depth; You can also practice Rappel in a wall of 5 meters.

In the dam that was named by the SAGARPA as an area of recovery of the black bass species, it is allowed to make sport fishing. If they catch some other type of fish the fishermen will be able to conserve it.

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The Metropolitan Park Rejon