Semilla Museum

The building is a sample of modern architecture; It composes by seven areas: Astronomy: Physics and Mathematics; Earth Sciencies; TEchnology; Life Sciences and Space.

The most popular, ht onothat has attracted the most interest among visitors is called “Chihuahua: Economy and Society”. These area, specially focuses in Regional Culturre and History of our State, including ethnology.

The whole content is completed by a “smart” tower, evoted to the teaching and development  of computer sciences. The hall has capacity for 250 peoples. There appends a digital library, connected to the local network and via Internt with national library system.

It also has a theater auditorium, which serves as a crowning touch to the whole complex; in this hall conferences, concerts and graduations are held. Evidently one can also sicialize and chat in the comfortof the equipped cafeteria, 28 computers with Internet service for visitor use, surrounded by the comfort of artificial climate, are an exquisity in this city where extreme temperatures most of times occur.

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