Santa Rita’s Church

We consider in Chihuahua that Santa Rita as our patron saint; we give special reverence for tradition and initiated by Mistress Nicolasa, daughter of General Jose de Orio y Zubiate, who did not wish to marry, instead, she dedicated her life to honor the saint, ordering the building of this chappelin 1731; over the years, it changed owners and usage. For years, it was a hospide for the poor, deducting that most likely this is the origin of this popular devotion.

Actually, Chihuahua is canonically appointed to the Virgin of La Regla, but the popular tradition has prevailed and in her honor, around May, 21 for two weeks, we celebrate the most popular fair of Chihuahua.

In 1949 the Diocese of Chihuahua acquired the rights to this property and immediately proceeded to form a committe to take charge of its restoration. Over the years, the building has been kept in good condition for special affection of her Catholic flock. It remains open to the cult but a visit is worth just to appreciate the simple, rsutic architecture, noting that the original beams are still holding the roof.


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Santa Rita’s Church