Nombre de Dios Caverns

The Chihuahua Nmbre de Dios caverns are only 25 minutes from the downtown area, in the direction of the Mountain range located to the east of the city. These hills, ancient guardians of the grottoes, give the impression of being impenetrable.

First you must go to the access building, whre you will find the ticket booth, the infiary, bathrooms and a small cafeteria. Courteous guides gather visitors in groups of 15 and take you through the tour, which includes 17 rooms where stalactites and stalagmites, from an incredible landscape, as large as our imagination.

The tour though the caverns covers a distance of 4364 feet and takes about one hour. Counting from the entrace, you decend up to 227 feet; the average temperature is between 80.6 and 91.4°F, so you should wear light clothing and comfortable shoes.

The tour ends at a building with all the facilities and where a bus will take you back to the parking lot.

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Nombre de Dios Caverns