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Also parts of the permanent are the Oniric Angeles Collection and part of the Univesisty’s Art Gallery; there area also temporary exhibits and cultural events throughout the year.

The house itself is a work of art; when you standin front of this building, you don’t have any trouble imagining a well-dressed lady walking down the steps, awaiting her prince charming. The details on its walls and ceilings are so exquisite that, by only looking at them, we are transported into a glorious past, full of romanticism and mystery.

The estate was built on the orders of the rich miner Don Manuel Gameros, however, in 1910, at the outbreak of the outbreak of the Estate without having the opportunity to enjoy it our give it the last furnishing touches. In 1913 the house was token over by the revolutionary forces and served as private home and office from Venustiano Carranza, as well as Francisco Villa’s headquarters and office.

Years later there was peace in the Country, Don Manuel’s offspring returned and lived here; later on served purpuse, until 1954, when the State University used it for classrooms and, in 1958, turned it into Museum.

Nowasdays, after several successful restorations, th house is spectacular: its tower, sculptures, columns, domes and pinnacles, were designed by Master Romualdo Gonzales; inside are pure art nouveau decor and furniture. These objects belonged to yhe Requena family, from Mexico City, and were especially brought over from part of the Museum’s permanent exhibits.

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