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Legendary Place

In the streets of the old Chihuahua is this old mansion that was property of the legendary General Revolutionary Francisco Villa, head of the armed forces of the Division of the North; This residence occupied it when for a short time, was appointed governor of the State, back in 1914, later the house was inhabited only by his wife Doña Luz Corral de Villa, who occupied it until the end of his days in 1981.

The residence became a still living museum of the villa widow, who was concerned to conserve and gather a large number of objects and articles belonging to her husband and the movement he headed.

Shortly before she died, she donated the building and its contents to the Ministry of Defense, under the promise of maintaining it and enriching the existing collection.

The promise was faithfully fulfilled and the house has been beautifully restored preserving in it original furniture and a large number of personal belongings belonging to the Villa family, in addition its content has been greatly enriched.

In the vestibules of the back patios murals were elaborated with motives of the revolution, in these corridors it is important to see the car model 1922, where Pancho Villa traveled at the moment of being assassinated in Parral; On his right side are observed the holes that left the bullets that riddled him.

Also called the attention the face mask of General Villa’s face. It was obtained three hours after his death and he has finally returned to Mexican soil, since for many years he had remained on American soil.

The architecture of the house is already interesting, its spacious rooms surrounding the garden with a fountain in the center; The mosaic floors with converging figures, the wood and the finely carved quarry, remind us of the air of the early 20th century. The route begins with the general’s office, and then to the living room, the dining room, the kitchen and the bedrooms, everything is so detailed, nothing less than during the Mexican Revolution.

Around the courtyard are different rooms where valuable testimonies lead us through what was Chihuahuan life during the times of Porfiriato, the revolution and the post-revolution; This is possible thanks to the collection of original documents, photographs, weapons and various objects that were part of the commercial, industrial or daily life of people who were protagonists or lived very close to the armed movement of the revolution.

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