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It was 1862, a time of transition; it was halfway for a country that had not stoppe being vice-regal, regardless of a half of a century of Independence and modern republic. French troops had disembarked in Veracruz and made their way to central Mexico; Maximilian arrives  and tries to reestablish imperialism. President Benito Juarez begins a traveling period, taking the country´s powers, defending the Mexican Republic.

Juarez reached the state of Chihuahua on September 29, 1864 and was immediately protected by the loyal Chihuahuans. He remained in here for two years, two months and nine days in the city of Chihuahua, becoming a unifying figure for the Country.

In this house, which now houses the Museum of the Republican Loyalty, President Juarez establishes, with pride and austerity, the seat of the federal Government with personalities like Sebastian Lerdo de Tejada, José María Iglesias and General Mariano Negrete among others, heading the movements and uprising to defend our country and prevent it from becoming again a foreign country’s colony.

The building was restored, maintaining the original structure, with furniturefrom that time and as part oof the Museum’s cultural valuables, original documents, photographs and newspapers depicting that era’s hardships. There are also many objects used in everyday life, in commercial, domestic, working, farming, social and military activities. You should also visit the small but complete library open to the public.

Vsiting the Museum is an opportunity to learn about Juarez’s ideas.

This construction was originally a home; in 1826 the State Government bought it and usea it until 1864, due to the country’s circumstances, the Federal Government established here. By the end of 1866, the state took over the house again; remaining there until 1892 when the Government Palace was finished and inaugurated; from that day on, a school was establishe here. This museum opened its doors on October 12th, 1971 to commemorate the arrival inChihuahua of Benito Juarez.

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