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The Government Palace is one of the most outstanding buildings of the XIX Century. Its constructions lasted 10 years, 10 monyhs and 10 days beginning on July 21, 1881, while Luis Terrazas was governor, and was inagurated on June 1st, 1892 by then governor Lauro Carillo. Enginner Jose Ignacio Irigoyen designed the building and Engineer Esperon was in charge of its construction, with a total cost of 40 thousand gold dollars.

The Palace was built on the plot where the old Jesuit School once stood; its beautifully carved ochre quarry combines several stules in a magnificent way. Inside you find enormous erchways and a large central patio; in front is a marble stairway with a stained-glass window over the landing, depicting details pertaining to law and justice. The Palace’s original design only had two stories, but in 1941 a large fire destroyed the old General Headquarters or the Inne Provedence’s archive and a large part of the building; in order to restore it, a special tax was imposed and a third floor.

In 1960, Governor Teofilo Borunda asked master Aaron Piña Mora to paint a mural where Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla has been executes while it was th old Jesuit School and his prision. The result was excellent and they decided to continue on so the history Chihuahua, from the first Sapnish expedition, headed by Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Baca, around 1530, to the Mexican Revolution on 1910, is depited on the main floor’s archway. Later on, murals about Chihuahua’s main economic activities were painted on the second floor.

After a great just completed in this historical building, and as homage to the father of our country, we recently, incorporates th Museum of Hidalgo began on September 15th 1810, the war for independence. In one of the haslls, stands out scale of the dolores church facade, where a vitual recreation of this historical event took palace. One will also learn about the Independence of Mexico Gallery of Arms, where an amazing collection of weapons from the epoch is in display.

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