Expo Chihuahua

Expo Chihuahua borned from an initiative from the company chihuahuenses United Nations Group.
They matched with the idea of create a visionary United Nations Convention and Exhibition Centre to detonate the industrial, commercial and state tourism sectors.
The first stage was inaugurated on September 30, 1998 with an exhibition area of 7,000 m2 of the UN.
6 years later , in August 2004 the second stage , which would include part of the UN Convention of 6,600 m2 was opened .

Given to the good development of the Expo Chihuahua; In 2014, the construction of a third stage was a reallity, adding with it a  8,500 m2 multipurpose area. Nowadays, most of the most important conventions in the state, take place here. The main reason it is because it is world class place.

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