Ex Hacienda del Sauz

The history os this estate goes back to the eighteenth century, it was mentioned in several documents as a place of stay of the nearby Encinillas Hacienda. The Museum Ex Hacienda del Sauz, was finally acomplished thanks to the pride of many of the local cowboys and ranchers, descendants of those who preceded them  with great pride for their ways of life. Currently, the community of El Sauz is comprises of traders, farmers and cattle raisers.

The land in question, was of the use the Apache Nations who, in harmony with nature and the huge herds of bison, moved for centuries without much changes, along these praries, untill the European and Spaniards started to arrive by the thousands. They saw a great opportunity in mining, farming andcattle rasing. The Haciendas where stablished and new ways of life began.
Those whi came worked untiringly, to remain and conquer these land, the task was not an easy one.

With the inauguration of this museum, locals pay a hertfelt tribute to native forms of life of the vast Chihuahuan Desert. In aboout 45 minutes the rooms contents will help you learn about the resulting mixure ag both: the Apeche and the cowboys cultures.

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Ex Hacienda del Sauz