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The first record of the current City Hall dates bacj to 1720, when the authorities in San Felipe el Real de Chihuahua undetook the task to construct a building that would host the town hall; from the original building, are just memories for the countless modifications suffered over the centuries.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Colombian architect Julio Corredor, was working just few blocks from tha Main Plaza, building the Gameros mansion. He was asked to present a design, honoring the architecture trends, France were marking at that time. After some negotiations, and with it’s French, sober and elegant facade, the new building was able to harmonize with the surrounding constructions.

The central balcones are more prominent, the windows that frame the grat City Council room, today still retains its original plaster and other characteristic details of the prevailing style in the so called – Belle Epoqué -.

Here government offices stayed from 1941 to 1944, while the Government Palace was under rstoration after been damages by the big fire.

In the corner overlooking Victoria Street, the Mayor dispatches. In the first floor the City Council held meetings; on the second floor is the “October 12” Hall room, named after the date of the city’s founding, used only in special occasion events and official visits.

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