Experienced travelers and several experts agree that our Cathedral is among one of the best examples of Baroque in northern Mexico. The Plaza’s spacius dimencions, and recent works to recover for pedestrians, some areas indowntoen historic district, provide us enough open  space to admire the perfection of its twin towers, its ocher quarry, gilded by the patina, and the constrasting cobalt blue of desert skies.

In 1725, after placing the first stone, Bishop Benito Crespo y Monroy, noted to the community’s most succesful merchants and miners that a work of such magnitude, would require an extraordinary contribution.

The interesting thing is that he convinces them, got approved and soon enough, initial works were directed by José de la Cruz, others would continue building until Bernardo del Carpio made the twin towers; Juan Pegaza and Nicolas and Ignacio Morin finished the Temple in 1826, over one century after; by the end 1891 it was elevated to the rank of Cathedral.

The most outstanding elements of the main doorway are, amid the lush foliage that covered the two bodies, the columns that make up three streets, and niches that protect the Apostles.

In the temple’s interior the Latin crosswas divided to from three naves.

The presbytery has the original altarpice made in quarry; the latest marble altar was brought from Italy in 1930.

On the pechinas, reserved for the doctors of the Church: one will find Saints Gregory, Augustine, Jerome, and Ambrose. An extraordinary organ of  German amnufacture is also noted; there is only two of its kind in the country.

To the left of the main ientrace, there is the Christ of Mapimi; it holds a Baroque retable with paintings from the 17th century. In recent years, it also becomes the site to workship Father Pedro de Jesus Maldonado, a Chihuahua native who was beatified by the Holy Catholic Church. He died in February 1937 as a martyr, after a religious persecution that took place in Mexico. The Vatican recognized his merits and canonized him in the year 2000. His Sanctification is the highest of all honors received by Chihuahua’s Catholics.


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