Angel Square

At the turn of the 21st. Century, the buildings located between Carranza, Libertad, Aldama, an 13th streets, were demolished to create a bigger plaza, big enough space for celebration of civic and artistic events.

A monument -35 meters high- conceived of marble and quarry was constructed, the base for the column was reserved so that the remains of the illustrious Chihuahuans would be back in a more appropiate site.

On top of an Iconic style column, an 8 meter high bronze statue of an angle is perched on a drum with a rotating mecchanism, allowing to rotate in full circle, in only two minutes.

In a solemn ceremony on June 1 , 2004 the remains of the ilustrious Chihuahuans where placed in the specially designed crypt, remmembering the gratitude Chihuahuans pay to their life’s archivements.


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Angel Square